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“Olivia is a Determined, Dedicated, Driven, Design-Conscious Creative who’s more than willing to learn, explore and try new technologies and processes.

Daniel Francavilla, Creative Director @ Now Creative Group

Olivia Viola is a young flourishing designer living in Toronto, Canada, always searching for ways to diversify herself in the world of advertising and design.

She is a graduate of the Ontario College of Art and Design University, being one of the first to receive the institution’s Bachelor degree. Hungry for experience and driven to take things into her own hands, she immediately took action. She took her relentless initiative to TouchBistro, where she currently works.

Enthusiastic and budding in her line of work, Olivia is excited to further develop her skills, technique and love for creation in the field of digital advertising and design.

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“[Olivia] is passionate and goes above and beyond the extra mile to produce great creative/ideas.

Christy Nguyen, Graphic Designer @ The Coca-Cola Company

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